Stones River National Battlefield - Murfreesboro

Oliver Middle is a participant in this empowering project.

A lot of STEM/STEAM.

Another experience to utilize the latest technology and the concept of camera trapping - the purpose being to learn about the wildlife found in this location.

Thank you to:

* Ryan Valdez, Ph.D. - Director Conservation Science at National Parks Conservation Association

* Jeff Hunter - Sr. Program Mgr, NPCA

* John McKay - Park Ranger, National Park Service, U.S. Dept of the Interior

* Ava Joiner - Park Guide, National Park Service, U.S. Dept of the Interior

* Sarrat Houston, Kate Finn and Claire Williams McGee - District Lead STEAM Coaches from MNPS

* Coach Brian Harrell, Dean of Students (7th/8th Grade), Oliver Middle School - Incredible support, his commitment to the students is unequaled

* Jennifer Berry, Ph.D. - Dir of STEAM/Science, Div of Curriculum and Instruction MNPS - your support and initiative to include our students in this important project is invaluable.

Thought process for this project:

  • Field work overview.

  • Deploying cameras – how to, step by step.

  • Data gathering, What data do we need to gather at each camera location? GPS units and data forms.

  • eMammal overview

  • Creating a GIS based map. Will this help the STEAM Team? Yes










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